Selling Together With Us

Grow your business – Join a thriving community.

“We Are Urban Ground” represents a space for designers and entrepreneurs who share not only our ethos of sustainability, exceptional quality and unique product design but our commitment to the local community. We handpick every member of our platform, selecting only the brands who meet our high quality threshold and vision.  Our house-rules ensure we can pride ourselves on being local.


Through our partner brands, we aim to add value in our community by supporting everyone, at every level, who is involved in the process – the artists, bakers, carpenters, seamstress, couriers and creators alike. Stores supported by Urban Ground must be local, with locally produced products. You must have a passionately curated range with a cohesive style and a selection of high quality products. 

We are Proudly Local and Proud of Small

Our partner brands create or source local items even on the smallest of scales- meaning each product gets the attention to detail required to ensure the highest quality attainable. We are also extremely passionate about what our people have to offer and are committed to creating a space where everyone can pursue their passions.

We Believe in Taking a Stand

We believe that we are a reflection of the brands on our platform, and them on us, and place all our energy into associating with like-minded individuals. We shine a light wherever possible to champion them – aiming to move forward in this space sustainably and locally.

We Curate Carefully and Thoughtfully

Every one of the business we work with have unique ideas, driven personalities and an urge for growth. We are committed to embracing individualism and sourcing styles and ideals that leave nobody out. 

Excited? Us too. Send us a mail at and we will be in touch soon, we look forward to having our socks knocked off.

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