Who We Are

There are many products easily available online. But are they the perfect pieces for you, your home and your loved ones? 


We’re here to create an online home ground where you can discover high quality and unique local products. We envision a world where the local offline inventory that we dream of is easily available from a trusted platform online. We seek out the best stores to uncover just the right things for you, products that may be in a little store on a quiet street you weren’t even aware of. Or being made by a driven entrepreneur who doesn’t have an e-commerce platform. 


Urban Ground is about unearthing that incredible piece you hadn’t been exposed to, and the one you didn’t even know you needed. From clothing to homeware to art, we carefully select brands and products that showcase great design while connecting with our ethos. 


We want you to shop from home, think big and discover amazing products to buy from small local businesses. 


Urban Ground is here to empower the businesses we feature and grow the shop local community from the ground up on a safe e-commerce platform. We aim to move forward in this space sustainably and locally.